Producers & Composers

Need an original composition or beat progression? You’ve come to the right place.


Get a Songwriter to write and compose your next hit.

Singers & Vocalists

Can’t sing? We’ve got singers and vocalists who can do it for you.

Beat Making

Need a beat that has just the vibe you’re looking for? Look no further..

Session Musicians

Make sweet music using talented session musicians. Any instrument, find it here.

Jingles & Intros

Enrich your podcasts, commercials and radio shows with catchy jingles and intros.


Mixing & Mastering

Studio-level mixing and mastering without the studio-heavy price.

Audio Editing

Make your audio sound perfect, no matter where it was recorded.

Vocal Tuning

Polish your song’s vocal tracks and make sure they’re pitch perfect and clean.

Audio Logo & Sonic Branding

Represent your brand in the world of audio.


Voice Over

Find the perfect voice for your audio or video in any style, language, or accent.

Podcast Editing

Take your podcast to the next level with audio editing experts.

Audiobook Production

Create your Audiobook from A to Z with audio editors and producers.

Audio Ads Production

Reach a wider audience with fully produced audio ads.


Remixing & Mashups

Give your song a unique twist with a remix or mashup.

DJ Drops & Tags

Get custom DJ drops and tags for your tracks, ads and more.

DJ Mixing

Get the party started with a personalized DJ Mix.


Sound Design

Engage you audience’s ears with custom sound design.

Synth Presets

Need to recreate that crazy synth sound? Get it sound designed here.

Meditation Music

Zone out to custom made music that perfectly accompanies your meditation.

Lessons & Transcription

Online Music Lessons

Master a new instrument, software, or skill with professional music & audio instructors.

Music Transcription

Turn your songs into sheet music. Any instrument, any genre – we’ve got your back.

Music & Audio Advice

Connect with a music expert to get your project sounding right.